CLUBNEWS, January 2002

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

CarusoCaruso vom Weingraben
Father: Onyx von der Widenau,
Mother: Kyra vom Schweizerblick,

Litter-date: 31th July 2000
Owner: Nicole Hofmeister (Steiermark), Breeder: Monika Horschitz (Oberösterreich)Caruso

My name is Caruso, I am a very beautiful and strong dog. I am very watchful, full of spirits and studious in dog-school.

I like hiking, water, playing ball and good meals (trips and noodles p. ex. )

Sometimes my parents grumble at me, because I am a little young scamp. My motto is: Nobody is perfect! My name is Nobody !!!


At the kennel "von der Happy Horse Farm", breeder Ms. Brigitte Strasser, Bessy Moravia Ondeo was covered by Basco von der Happy Horse Farm, on the 16th January.

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3rd March 2002: International dog exposition Graz
special show of Beauceron, judge : Christian Janes
information 2 and 3 march
final inscription: 4th January,1st February

22th March until 24th March 2002, meeting for work in Berndorf (ÖGV, Lower Austria)
23th March 2002: meeting of breeders

5th April until 7th April 2002, meeting for work in Berndorf (ÖGV, Lower Austria)

21th April 2002: international dog show in Wieselburg
final inscription: 22th February and 22th March

17th Mai until 19th Mai 2002, meeting for work in Berndorf (ÖGV, Lower Austria)

25th Mai 2002, annual meeting of the Austrian Club of Beauceron
26th Mai 2002: International dog show in Salzburg
special show of Beauceron, judge: Ursula Zelenka
information: 25-26 may 2002
final inscription 20th march / 20th april

27th July 2002. second dog show of the Club of Beauceron of Luxemburg