A Beauceron is presented

Europa von der Happy Horse Farm

Father: Haxo du Murier de Sordeille,
Mother: Bessy Moravia Ondeo,

Litter-Date: 9th September 1999, Owner: Petre und Nina Matzel (Austria), Breeder: Brigitte Strasser (Austria).

Success at work

09/ 2003 ÖCB Clubarbeitschampion Unterordnung, BGH3, sehr gut
06/ 2002 ÖGV Ortsgruppenprüfung GH1, gut
11/ 2001 ÖGV Ortsgruppenprüfung GH1, befriedigend
09/ 2001 ÖCB Clubarbeitschampion BGH 2, sehr gut
06/ 2001 ÖGV Ortsgruppenprüfung BGH 2, gut
11/ 2000 ÖGV Ortsgruppenprüfung BGH 1, sehr gut

Success at beauty contest

09/ 2003 ÖCB Clubsiegerschau, Hündinnen Offene Klasse V3, Zuchtgruppen 1. Platz
09/ 2001 ÖCB Clubsiegerschau, Hündinnen Offene Klasse V4
09/ 2000 ÖCB Clubsiegerschau, Jugendklasse V2, Reserve CACA
06/ 2000 Int. Rassehundeausstellung, Jüngstenklasse vielversprechend

Europa is our second dog, second Beauceron too. We had less time after the birth of our son Valentin in 1999.

So we were looking for a playmate for her.

We contactes Mrs. Strasser, the breeder of Artemis, who was looking for puppies. Several times we visites the youngsters to get information about their character.
This time we knew exactly what we wanted. Artemis is a calm dog (nice at home but sometimes troublesome in training) so our second dog should have more vivacity.

With professional help of Mrs. Strasser we decided for Europa.
Besides we want to thank and give a praise to Brigitte Strasser for her impressionates engagement in breeding Beauceron and in this way also for the ÖCB.

Yes, Europa was really different.

She took apart, destroyed and bit to pieces all things she could find, nearly non stuffed animal of Valentin had a nose or eyes.
For me (Nina) she was "horrible" in a way but very great for Valentin. Valentin and Europa (difference of just half a year) were fond of another.

Europa was never rough or very gay when she plays with Valentin or later with our second son Kilian.
From the beginning she accepted the predominance of Artemis till today and for our son Kilian, born on the 23. March 2oo1 she was and is the ideal playmate.
Our two beloved Beaucerons are not only the best family dogs, but also doing well at work.
Artemis passed the BGH 2 in 1999 she won the ÖCB working -championship (BGH 1) and at the Lower Austrian Championship she did very well at the BGH2. Last season Nina and Artemis discovered a new passion:mass sport, at the first competition they were rather successful.
Europa is my dog for working, as Nina spends a lot of time with the education of our sons, I am responsible for the dog training during my scanty leisure time.

At the ÖGV-Kirchstetten we are following an obidience training, and against all opposition I was successfull.
Besides I want to thank the ÖCB working section, especially our trainer Klaus Kremnitzer for his efforts and the organisation of working-meetings.

In my opinion everyone who is interested in dog sport, and is ready to increase his knowledges and likes restfull Meetings should participate at our training.

At last I want to say our two femal Beaucerons are perfect family dogs, excellent workers and at last not least they are very beautiful -so a Beauceron is the ideal dog for our family.