CLUBNEWS, February 2003

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Porthos de la Noe du Jardin

Father: Norton des Assiers,
Mother: Myrtille Bleue de la Noe du Jardin,

Litter-Date: 18th September 1999, Owner: Anett Hohenleitner (Germany), Breeder: Michele Moreau (France).

Porthos is a very lively, athletic dog and very tireless at all his activities. He is very good at work and easy to motivate. But most of all he likes playing and cuddling. As all Beaucerons he learns very quickly and so he found out easily that we are laughing when he shuts drawers with his nose. It seems to be his hobby. But he continues his activity without stopping although I am not laughing because my fingers are in the drawer! You might say, this is nothing unusual, my dog knows that sort of activities too! Exactly! Porthos is a typical Beauceron, uncomplicated, funny and most of all a charming member of our familiy.


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1st / 2nd March international dog show Graz, information bureau
final inscription 10th January / 3rd February

5th April annual meeting in Wieselburg

6th April international dog show Wieselburg - special show,
Judge Erwin Deutscher

1st - 4th Mai working meeting in Berndorf

29th Mai - 1st. Juni working meeting in Berndorf

19th - 22th Juni working meeting in Berndorf

26th July 3rd dog show of the Club of Beauceron of Luxemburg
judge: Mr. Guy Armatol (France), Mr. Paul Jentgen (Luxemburg)
final inscription 12th July