A Beauceron is presented

Chendra vom Weingraben

Father: Onyx von der Widenau,
Mother: Kira vom Schweizerblick,

Litter-Date: 31th July 2000, Owner: Andreas Leuthner (Austria), Breeder: Monika Horschitz (Austria).
Died: 12.02.2004
Called: Bora

Since 15 years we knew the race, but we had very rarely the opportunity to meet a Beauceron in "reality". After the death of Mascha (may 2000, Bernhardiner-Leonberger mix) we never thought to have a dog again.

As usual we visited dog shows, and in Tulln we saw a young Beauceron, and "what apitty" we met a breeder, Mrs. Horschitz and "what a luck " one week later we owned a young female Beauceron called Chendra vom Weingraben. Having a frceful character from the beginning, we called her Bora, like the wind.

We trained her and she passed the BGH1 with 99 points. With my husband she did agility and both loved their work.

September 2001 was very exciting for Bora: our son Andre was born, and she loved him like a mother. She was very patient and very kind when Andre traited her a bit roughly. She helped learning to walk and Andre was her best friend.

In December 2003 we decided Bora should have puppies and we wanted to keep one of them. After being pregnant without any problem she had a Cesarean and two puppies were born. One female was dead and the other (Athene) survived.

The 12th February 2004 was the worst day. During one hour Bora went cery bad and not even our friend and veterinarian could help. These 60 minutes we will never forget. Now we had to bring up a one day old puppy, being an orphan .We won't have any chance, was the opinion of our veterinarian, but we think we were successful, after six weeks Athene brings 6,5 kg on the scales.

We think Bora will live in Athene and she is also a consolation for the painful loss.

Translation: Karin Neusiedler