CLUBNEWS, March 2002

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Basco von der Happy Horse Farm

Father: Eso Robito,
MoBascother: Coco vom Sillufer,

Litter-date: 10th March 1995
Owner: Brigitte Strasser (Austria), Breeder: Brigitte Strasser

Basco of the HappyHorse Farm is a very beautiful, lively dog who likes to play and has a friendly, well balanced character.

till today he is the only Harlekin of an Austrian litter. At the age of three he lost his home. so I bought him back and now he lives in Steyr together with a female dog. There he found a nice home and his owner is not able to imagine life without his dog.
Basco Portrait

In summer 1999 Basco was 41/2 years old, as the eximnation of HD has been satisfying, I decided to enter him for the Club winner show of Beauceron in Austria and for the examination of character, which he passed with best rusalts, and I was very proud, as his breeder when he became "the most beautiful dog" next day.

Now in spring 2001 Basco covered "Pitou de la Plain Tilleul" breeder mrs. Kliem (Zwinger "le Bijou Noir de la Montagne") Of this breed Basco has 7 children": 2 males, harlekins, 2 females harlekins and 3 females black and tan. In january 2002 he covered my dog Bina, Bessy Moravia Ondeo and the puppies will be born in the middle of march. I am looking forward to my second harlekin-litter, it will be also the second in Austria.

Brigitte Strasser


At the kennel "von der Happy Horse Farm", breeder Ms. Brigitte Strasser, Bessy Moravia Ondeo was covered by Basco von der Happy Horse Farm, on the 16th January.

At the kennel "le Bijou noir de la Montagne" breeder Mrs. Karin Kliem, member of abroad, Samba-Star Crna Perla was covered by Basco von der Happy Horse Farm (Harlequin) on the 5th February.


At the kennel "Crna Perla" breeder Mrs. Jozica Smerdel, member of abroad, Ulla Crna Perla (HD-A) was covered by Coldfire (HD-A) and has a brood of 3 puppies 1 male and 2 females on the 28th February.


22th March until 24th March 2002, meeting for work in Berndorf (ÖGV, Lower Austria)
23th March 2002: meeting of breeders

5th April until 7th April 2002, meeting for work in Berndorf (ÖGV, Lower Austria)

21th April 2002: international dog show in Wieselburg
final inscription: 22th February and 22th March

17th Mai until 19th Mai 2002, meeting for work in Berndorf (ÖGV, Lower Austria)

25th Mai 2002, annual meeting of the Austrian Club of Beauceron
26th Mai 2002: International dog show in Salzburg
special show of Beauceron, judge: Ursula Zelenka
information: 25-26 may 2002
final inscription 20th march / 20th april

14th July 2002: international dog show in Oberwart

27th July 2002. second dog show of the Club of Beauceron of Luxemburg

21th until 22th September 2002: Working Championship and Club-Winner-Show 2002 of Austrian Club for Beauceron in Oberaichwald near Faakersee, Club "Bauerndorf Schönleitn" Kärnten.

29th September: international dog show in Tulln.