CLUBNEWS, March 2003

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Chacoon-Blue le Bijou noir de la Montagne

Father: Basco von der Happy Horse Farm,
Mother: Pitou de la Plaine du Tilleul,

Litter-Date: 19th Mai 2001, Owner: Simone Scheuerlein (Germany), Breeder: Karin Kliem (Germany).

My "obsession of Beauceron" started 41/2 years ago with my first dog Avalon, who died at the age of 18 months, run over by a train.

Since this time I love this breed. I was fascinated of the desire to work, the balance, the temperament, the pride, the philantrophy and the appearance.

Fortunatly Karin Kliem was planning a second breed with Avalon's mother. I was very happy when Karin asked me to join the birth of my puppy. It was love at the first sight. I knew: this one or none ! Now I was the proudly owner of the Harlequin-Beauceron Chacoon.

The chaos-team

Beeing nearly a single parent, I have a lot of time to pass with my "shorty"

Beeing instructor at the dog training center, it's perfect for me to have a motivated and easy learning dog. It's a pleasure to work with him, because he learns by playing and I never need to put him under pressure.

This year we want to pass the German BH 1 and in autumn the German VPG 1 exam, I hope with success. Chacoon is also good at dog shows.2002 in Nürnberg and München V1 in the youth-class and also at the Beauceron Show in Austria V1 in the youth class. 2003 we take part 1st the world dog show in Dortmund, we will see what happens!

Chacoon likes to work, to play and to go out till he feels tired, but at home he likes cuddling without stopping.

Unfortunately he has tendency for rough motor activity.

At home Chacoon is a very calm dog and really well behaved.


At the kennel "vom Weingraben" breeder Ms. Monika Horschitz, Caschina vom Weingraben (black/tan HD-C, FH 2, SchH 2,1xJB, 2xBOB, 5xCACA, 1xCACIB, 2xRes.CACIB) was covered by Phenix Hades des Gardiens de l'Hombre (black/tan HD-A) on the 14th March.


No news to time.


5th April annual meeting in Wieselburg

6th April international dog show Wieselburg - special show,
Judge Erwin Deutscher (Austria)

1st - 4th Mai working meeting in Berndorf

29th Mai - 1st. Juni working meeting in Berndorf

19th - 22th Juni working meeting in Berndorf

26th July 3rd dog show of the Club of Beauceron of Luxemburg
judge: Mr. Guy Armatol (France), Mr. Paul Jentgen (Luxemburg)
final inscription 12th July

24. August international dog show Innsbruck - Alpencup, Sonderausstellung
Judge Rainer Wollensack (Germany)
final inscription 23th. June / 23th. July

20. und 21. September Clubsiegerschau des ÖCB in Aspach (Oberösterreich/Salzburg)
Judge (work) Inge Eberstaller (Österreich), Judge (beauty) Alain Thevenon (France)

8. und 9. November international dog show Tulln, information about Beauceron
9. November Bundessieger Tulln, Sonderausstellung
Judge Dipl.Ing. Johannes Schibl (Austria)
final inscription 8th September / 8th. October