A Beauceron is presented

Elektra von der Happy Horse Farm

Father: Haxo du Murier de Sordeille,
Mother: Bessy Moravia Ondeo,

Litter-Date: 9th September 1999, Owner: Karl Villiger (Swiss), Breeder: Brigitte Strasser (Austria).

My name is Elektra of the Happy Horse Farm, born on the 9th September 1999, as the fifth's puppy of eleven in Austria near Linz.

I have three families: The first one, my parents and my brothers and sisters, but this family is not so important for me now. My father, Haxo du Murier de Sordeille has died and my mother Bina, (Bessy Moravio Ondeo) and my seven sisters cannot stand me very well and so do I. I like my brother Epos, I haven't seen my other two brothers for long time, but I think, I would like them too.

My second family is my breeder. I passed the first weeks of my life with her and I never forget her, although I meet her only once a year, but I always welcome her enthusiastically, so she remembers I like her very much.

My third family is where I am living now I like her very much and I feel pretty good. First I had problems to Understand her language, because my owners speak a very funny German. Probably the reason is, they are Swiss. I got a Swiss breading book number and now I am Swiss too. Still I feel a rapport with Austria, every year I am regular at the Club-Show and take many cups home:

ÖCB Clubsiegerschau 2000 – Jugendklasse, V1, Clubjugendsieger ÖCB Clubsiegerschau 2001 – Offene Klasse, V1, CACA ÖCB Clubsiegerschau 2002 – Offene Klasse, V1, CACA, BOB, Clubsieger ÖCB Clubsiegerschau 2003 – Offene Klasse, V1, CACA, Schönste Hündin

ÖCB-Arbeitschampionat 2002 – BGH1 – Sehr Gut – 3. Platz ÖCB-Arbeitschampionat 2002 – BGH2 – Gut – 7. Platz ÖCB-Arbeitschampionat 2003 – BGH2 – Sehr Gut – 1. Platz, Clubmeister

Kombinationswertung Hündin 2003 - 3. Platz

Translation: Karin Neusiedler