CLUBNEWS, March 2001

Polo-shirts (black,embroided with the club's logo) are now available in size S, M, L, XL and XXL. We offer also our club-jackets,multi-functional,which may be inspected and ordered at our first working-meeting the weekend of the 28.04.2001.

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Eysha von der Happy Horse Farm
Youth-champion 2000

Father: Haxo du Murier de Sordeille, Mother: Bessy Moravia Ondeo, Litter-date: 1999/09/09
Owner: Jürgen Lehner (Austria), Breeder: Brigitte Strasser (Austria)

We are glad to present a youth- champion after 3 years

Two years ago,a friend, Mr. Alfred Alesi,his wife and his sister in law presented some Beaucerons at the dog-show in Linz.
Having no idea of these dogs,I visited them and had a look at the dogs.
At last my decision was made: if I ever will have a dog it will be a Berger de Beauce.
Although having no dog I went to many dog-shows,even the championship at Schönleitn to get more information about this french dog. I bought books and I went to see the Alesis to catch photos and to approve my knowledge about Beaucerons.
The 09.09.99,five minutes to 6 o'clock, eysha was born! With her sisters and brothers,11 puppies,the Alesis had a lot of life in their house.
In december 99 my girl-friend and I moved to our first apppartement.
With a photo and a signature list I went to see our new neighbours to tell them : a dog will live here !None of them didn't agree.
Middle of january our puppy arrived in her new home,where her room was prepared. The first evening we had a lot of fun removing Eysha's welcome gift :a big shit in the ante-room. Quickly we decided to put papers on the floor in the dog's room..After two weeks I had learned when Eysha wants to go out.
During we were at work, Eysha needs something to do,because waiting was boring-the big cupboard-an inheritance of my grandmother-seemed to be the right thing.Later Eysha worked on her sleeping-basket and at last we had 5 cm deep holes in all 4 walls of her room.
It took a long time,but now she is also playing with balls,stuffed animals and chewing toys.As the "wild funny time" seemed to be over we bought a big couch for Eysha-but never mind- the carbage disposal needs work too.
In July I started working for a security company.For three months I was supervising important enterprises in the area of Linz.Eysha was very happy to be with me.After three nights she knew our job and there was no possibility to "forget" a check-point,therefore- no coffee for Eysha's owner.
Once we had a funny but also embarassing adventure:the burglar at whom Eysha was barking heavily turned out to be the principal,returning from an official jouney.-It was a lot of work to calm both-the dog and the head.
Since automn we participate in a training cours,where Eysha does well,certainly she learned a lot at the working weekend in Berndorf.
Next year I want to continue with Eysha in working and at the dog-shows and I hope to have a lot of succes as last year:
Tulln baby-class very promising
Wels baby-class very promising
Szombathely youth -class exc.1 winner
Oberwart youth-class exc.1 winner BOB
Club-Winner Show Schöleitn : youth-class exc.4
Tulln youth-class exc.1 winner
Stockerau youth-class exc.1 winner BOB

Honour court Wels

Oberwart 5. Place

It has been a lot of work but now we have a youth-champion at home.Eysha we are proud of you!


At the kennel "Bijou noir de la Montagne",breeder Mrs. Kliem Karin, member of abroad, Pitou de la Plaine du Tilleul (HD-A, SchH 2, FH, IPO 1) was covered by Basco von der Happy Horse Farm (HD-A, ÖCB Clubsieger Rüden 1999 CACA) harlequin,on the 17. And 18. March.


At "von der Satzbergquelle" Breeder Rolf Kliem Salzburg, on December 12st, 2000 Lunette de la Plaine du Tilleul (HD-A) was covered by Lacky Lobo vom Schweizerblick (HD-A). There were 4 Puppies born at Saturday, February 2nd, 2001 (1 boy and 3 girls) named: Brisco - Boogy, Brimou and Barett.
Djak de Chalmour
Lardy von der Widenau
Darys de la Cite des Grands Feux
Lacky Lobo vom Schweizerblick
Diabolo des Fugues de Saint-Alban
Mirka von der Widenau
Falcone von der Widenau

Defi du Ru d'Oly
Iron du Ru d'Oly
Elka du Ru d'Oly
Lunette de la Plaine du tilleul
Defi du Ru d'Oly
Ivi du Relais de la Folque
Cedrane du Ru d'Oly

22.01.2001 our member from adroad Willi Hutter-Hutter (Swiss) at "von der Widenau" had a brood of 8 puppies 5 males and 3 females. Vather: Quann von der Widenau (HD-A, SchH 3) Mother: Lasca von der Widenau (HD-A, IPO 3).

Saphir du Grand Maurian
Djak de Chalmour
Valdes du Domaine du Clos Guerin
Quann von der Widenau
Djak de Chalmour
Gina von der Widenau
Pintscha von der Widenau

Saphir du Grand Maurian
Djak de Chalmour
Valdes du Domaine du Clos Guerin
Lasca von der Widenau
Ursone de la Cite des Grands Feux
Darys de la Cite des Grands Feux
Axelle de la Cite des Grands Feux

At our member from abroad ,Ludmilla Kavankova, kennel "Robito" two puppies, male, black and tan, born 14.02.2001, harlequin-breed are free.


28. April until 01. Mai, Workingmeeting of ÖCB in Berndorf

24. Mai until 27. Mai, Workingmeeting of of ÖCB in Berndorf

27. Mai International dog-show Dornbirn
last desk: 1st April and 1st Mai

13. June until 17 June Workingmeeting of ÖCB in Berndorf

17. June International dog-show in Klagenfurt
last desk: 19th April und 17th Mai

8. Juli International dog-show Oberwart
last desk: 11th Mai and 8th June

22. September until 23. September Working Championship and Club-Winner-Show 2001 of Austrian club for Beauceron in Oberaichwald near Faakersee, Feriensiedlung Bauerndorf Schönleiten, Kärnten