CLUBNEWS, May 2001

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Bara vom Weingraben
Father: Quibus von der Widenau,
Mother: Kyra vom Schweizerblick,

Litter-date: 1999/07/08
Owner: Herta Gabriel (Austria), Breeder: Monika Horschitz (Austria)

To find a dog like our Biara,so soon after our husky,named Ascou had died,made us very happy.

This is our story :

One sunday morning in october 1999-we bought our morning paper as usual- the Kronenzeitung- inside we found another papper,called Täglich Alles.Good luck ! Looking at the advertisments we found the picture of Beauceron-puppies at Mrs. Horschitz.

My daughter Sandra awoke her father Hermann and her brothers Thomas and Günter.

We had also read about the Beauceron in books about dogs,so we phoned Mrs Horschitz and at two o'clock in the afternoon we arrived at her.

First we met Kyra vom Schweizerblick,the puppies' mother and we played with her babies.We were interested in a lazy male puppy and a female one,romping around.

At last we settled on the cheeky female.We called her Bara.Mrs Horschitz seperated from her with a heavy heart.

During our way home we decided to change her name Bara to Biara,which seemed to be more charming for our lovely puppy.

Biara likes to go for long walks,also without lead,she likes to play with balls and she is a perfect catcher of them.

We have no problems to feed her,...she likes everything, beginning with babanas to nooodles with meat - a little glutton.

The evening Biara cuddles in her family.She sleeps on her back, feet straight up, sometimes wrenched like a snake and more often in the bed of her owner.

I am also responsible for her education.We had been very busy in the puppy-cours and we passed our first exam, BgH 1,with good succes.This year we will repeat this exam to obtain a very good . Till autumn we are training hard for the BgH 2.

We are very happy to have our four-leg-sweet-heart in our family.

Herta Gabriel


At the kennel "Bijou noir de la Montagne",breeder Mrs. Kliem Karin, member of abroad, Pitou de la Plaine du Tilleul (HD-A, SchH 2, FH, IPO 1) was covered by Basco von der Happy Horse Farm (HD-A, ÖCB Clubsieger Rüden 1999 CACA) harlequin,on the 17. And 18. March.

At our young-breeder, Doris Grabner (Lower Austria), Malka de Patural (HD-A) was covered by Cambo des Chasseurs de Sangliers (HD-A), on the 17th and 18th april 2001.


22.01.2001 our member from adroad Willi Hutter-Hutter (Swiss) at "von der Widenau" had a brood of 8 puppies 5 males and 3 females. Vather: Quann von der Widenau (HD-A, SchH 3) Mother: Lasca von der Widenau (HD-A, IPO 3).
Saphir du Grand Maurian
Djak de Chalmour
Valdes du Domaine du Clos Guerin
Quann von der Widenau
Djak de Chalmour
Gina von der Widenau
Pintscha von der Widenau

Saphir du Grand Maurian
Djak de Chalmour
Valdes du Domaine du Clos Guerin
Lasca von der Widenau
Ursone de la Cite des Grands Feux
Darys de la Cite des Grands Feux
Axelle de la Cite des Grands Feux

At our member from abroad ,Ludmilla Kavankova, kennel "Robito" two puppies, male, black and tan, born 14.02.2001, harlequin-breed are free.


24. May until 27. May, Workingmeeting of of ÖCB in Berndorf

27. May International dog-show Dornbirn
last desk: 1st April and 1st May

13. June until 17 June Workingmeeting of ÖCB in Berndorf

17. June International dog-show in Klagenfurt
last desk: 19th April und 17th May

8. Juli International dog-show Oberwart
last desk: 11th May and 8th June

22. September until 23. September Working Championship and Club-Winner-Show 2001 of Austrian club for Beauceron in Oberaichwald near Faakersee, Feriensiedlung Bauerndorf Schönleiten, Kärnten