CLUBNEWS, Mai 2003

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Bessy Moravia Ondeo

Father: Gedeon Manuela (IPO 3),
Mother: Desire Robito (IPO 1),

Litter-Date: 26th October 1996, Owner: Brigitte Strasser (Austria), Breeder: Zdenka Ondrujova (Tchechien).

Bina is the only breeding dog of my kennel “von der Happy Horse Farm“ Remarkable is her caracter, her health and her kindness.

She had two litters, especially the puppies of th first one are very successful at dog shows, for example the first austrian youth champion and the austrian champion (EYSHA) of my kennel, also the club-winner 2002 (Elektra) three dogs are named of this litter (EYSHA; ELEKTRA and EPOS) and the other ones are successful at work ( f.ex.:ELEGANCE: BGH 1, BGH 2, FH1, FH2 EUROPA: BGH 1, BGH2, GH1)

The puppies of Bina’s second litter are too young to make any prediction, but their owners are very satisfied. At exhibitions they reached the best assessement, they are full of spirits and have a nice, social caracter.

In may Bina was covered for her third litter, but she didn.t get pregnant, so we try again in automn. I hope Bina will have puppies again, so I am able to bring in again her excellent potential to my breed.

Brigitte Strasser


At the kennel "of Wonderful Magic" breeder Mr. Jürgen Lehner, Eysha von der Happy Horse Farm (black/tan HD-A, austrian youth champion, austrian champion, BGH 2) was covered by Merlin du Roc de Melusine (black/tan HD-B Champion of Slovakia) on the 3th/4th July.


At the kennel "vom Weingraben" breeder Ms. Monika Horschitz, Caschina vom Weingraben (black/tan HD-C, FH 2, SchH 2,1xJB, 2xBOB, 5xCACA, 1xCACIB, 2xRes.CACIB) was covered by Phenix Hades des Gardiens de l'Ombre (black/tan HD-A) on the 14th March and has a brood of 9 puppies: no male, 9 females on the 14th Mai 2003
Iqua de Coteaux du petit Gris
Ce de la Cite des Grands Feux
Phenix Hades des Gardiens de l'Ombre
Feline de la Loutre Noir
Hades Dream des Gardiens de l'Ombre
As du Bord de Canche
Dream de Chipye
Defi du Ru d'Oly
Onyx von der Widenau
Helia von der Widenau
Cashina vom Weingraben
Djak de Chalmour
Kyra vom Schweizerblick
Slicka von der Widenau


26th July 3rd dog show of the Club of Beauceron of Luxemburg
judge: Mr. Guy Armatol (France), Mr. Paul Jentgen (Luxemburg)
final inscription 12th July

16th August dog show of the Slovakian Club of Beauceron (SBC)
Judge: Dr. Gabriela Ridarcikova (Slovakia)
final inscription: 19th July 2003

16th and 17th August international dog show Bratislava (Judgement on both days)
final inscription: 1st June 2003, 19th July 2003

24. August international dog show Innsbruck - Alpencup, Sonderausstellung
Judge Rainer Wollensack (Germany)
final inscription 23th. June / 23th. July

20. und 21. September Club winner show of ÖCB in Aspach (Upper Austria/Salzbourg)
Judge (work) Inge Eberstaller (Austria), Judge (beauty) Alain Thevenon (France)
final inscription 22th August.

8. und 9. November international dog show Tulln, information about Beauceron
9. November Bundessieger Tulln, Sonderausstellung
Judge Dipl.Ing. Johannes Schibl (Austria)
final inscription 8th September / 8th. October