CLUBNEWS, June 2000

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

AGRA ZE STAREHO HAMRU (Artemis) Litter-date: 2000/06/29
Father: Haxo du Murier de Sordeille, Mother: Ashby Fedar, Breeder: Zdenko Tomaskova (CS), Oweners: Nina and Peter Matzel (Niederösterreich)
Artemis, breed-name Agra ze Starého Hamru, will become three years in June 2000.

About three years ago my husband and I were thinking of taking a dog.the consultation about he matter took weeks. We kept a register and wrote all pros and cons a dog. After we were living in a suburb of Vienna in a house with garden, we saw no problem to have a dog. The problem was that we both were employed. But we could solve also this difficulty.

At Least we both agreed about the case. We both wished a dog - and it should be a female.

My husband and I were inexperienced becouse we never had a dog. We bought literature and trird to get to know all about dogs. As we also wish to have children laterwe had to take attention to this point as well. We studied everthing about different breeds and were classifying them according character and looking. At least it was beyond any question for us - it must be a BEAUCERON.

After gaining informations and many telephone-calls we made an appointment with Mrs. Strasser. Shehad a new litter and we wished to see the cubs. But she had not only the new litter, but also an older cub:
A small, unusual calm and well-behaved female dog. At our second visit we were sure - this cub was OUR dog.

This was proved immediately when we drove home by car. This was absolutely no Problem for Artemis. She also felt home in our house from the first moment. We treated her like a baby, which she was at least. From that time n our life was "dog-fixed".

My boss gave me permission to take Artemis to the office. She layed well-behaved next to my desk on "her" blanket, was quiet, never disturbing our weekday work. She never destroyed anything - neither homer or inthe office. Of course she was everybody´s darling.

Convenient for meand her was that my office was placed in a green area and that a garden was around the house. To take her out was without problems.

Artemis was and is still not only a well-behaved dog but also obedient. With success we passed different courses of instructions up to tournaments. We now started with "Agility", which seems to be a trifle to her.

As Artemis was two years old I was pregnant with my first child. "My" Artemis was at this time always on my side. One day before the - notexpected - birth we made a walk with her. Normally she was rushing ahead, came again and so on. But this time she stayed permanently next to me. Even I tried to induced her to run, she did not moveone meter from my side. Apparently she felt the close birth - as the only one at this time.

Artemis was very carefully and kind as we "introduced" her to our son Valentin. She watchedover him all the time and came for us when the baby was crying..

Of course we needed now more time for our son. Artemis was not anymore our central point. We had the impressionthe she felt a little bit lonly. So wegot the idea to "provide" a fellow for her. We have enough place and mainly the wish. The last litter by "Bina" at Mrs. Strasser came just at the right moment.

Now we have "Europa". The complete difference to Artemis. A "normal cub" I wold say. A wild, sweet cub with the deep wish to destroy nearly everthing. The two dogs had compementary character and made in the meantime from our son Valentin a third dog - up to now he is not able to speak - than "barking".

With our son we have already three wild "monsters" at house and home.

Up to now we never have been sorry about our decision and are very happy with Artemis and Europa.

It is possible that there are other breeds which have similar character as Beauceron, but after we got to know this fine speciment it is out of question for us to take another breed.


At "vom Weingraben" Monika Horschitz Oberösterreich, on May 31st,2000 Kyra vom Schweizerblick (HD-A, SCHH1) was covered by Onyx von der Widenau (HD-A, SCHH3)

At "von der Happy Horse Farm" Brigitte Strasser Oberösterreich, on June 3rd,2000 Samba Star Crna Perla (HD-A , CACA CACIB) was covered by Boy George von der Happy Horse Farm (HD-B)


At that time no news


Saturday, June 10th,2000 up to Monday,June 12th,2000
Meeting in Berndorf, organization and performance: (Gebrauchshundereferat des ÖCB, Klaus und Lydia Kremnitzer)
Saturday 8:30 a.m. meeting at break-in place
approx. From 11 a.m. working at place (subordination, protecting)
Sunday and Monday as Saturday. Morning - tracking, enclosed work at break-in place.
Your apply please in written form to Klaus and Lydia Kremnitzer, Anton Bosch Gasse 23/25, A-1210 Wien; Phone: +43(0)1-2723877 or +43(0)664-1244856 or Fax: +43(0)1-2723877
<Photos and report of last meeting> - (in german) by Brigitte Strasser.

July 9th - International Dogs-Exhibition Oberwart

Sept 23rd/24th Working Championship and Club-Winner-Show 2000
Sept 23rd - Working Championship/performance judge: Walter Wolf (A)
Sept 24th - Beauty cotest (with CACA)/judge: Ursula Zelenka (D)

Oct. 7/8th - Bundes-Winner Exhibition, Tulln
Information and presentation at "Information-Exhibition"
by ÖKV "which dog fits me"
Oct. 29th - National Dogs-Exhibition Stockerau