CLUBNEWS, July/August 2000

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

DENA VON DER HAPPY HORSE FARM Litter-date: 1997/07/30
Father: Boss Flandersky lev, Mother: Samba Star Crna Perla, Breeder: Brigitte Strasser Austria, Owner: Brigitte Strasser Austria

At the age of 10 months Dena came back into my family, and with her special charm conquered everyone´s heart straight away. At the beginning she acted quite shy towards strangers, and it wasn´t easy to convince her that I didn´t appreciate her showing her aversion so directly . Meanwhile she acts almost as friendly and carefree as my other dogs,although one can still tell that she is not as happy about being patted by strangers as Bina or Chelsie, for example. However, she is very pacient. If it should be the case that Dena knows and likes someone, however, he will be overwhelmed by her affection.
Dena is always merry and cheerful and is happy about everthing. She is constantly bothering the other dogs with her permanent wish to play, but with respect retires when she notices that her wish is not desirable for the others. Because Dena has no problems accepting that she has the lowest rank in the troop, she is loved affectionately by Bina and Chelsie, and is never supressed.
When we go training, Dena is attentive and eager and it is a pleasure to work with her. In Fall 1999 I presented her to a judge at the Austrian Club-Winnershow for Beauceron for the first time, and already at her second exhibition (at the International Dog Exhibition in Wels), in June 2000 she did win the title "Best of Breed".
With this she is stepping into the footsteps of her mother who reached the BOB at both of the two exhibitions she attended.


At that time no news


At "vom Weingraben" Monika Horschitz Oberösterreich, on May 31st, 2000 Kyra vom Schweizerblick (HD-B, SCHH 1) was covered by Onyx von der Widenau (HD-B, 28 times SCHH 3, with 11 first places). There were 8 Puppies born at Saturday, July 29st, 2000 (4 boys and 4 girls) named: Caruso, Caramba, Cyrano, Cakomo - Crypta, Caschina, Chendra, Chiara.
    Defi du Ru d'Oly  Alstor
 Onyx v.d. Widenau    Aube du Ru d'Oly
   Helia v.d. Widenau  Ulkan du Ru d'Oly
     Vania v.d. Widenau

   Djak de Chalmour  Saphir du Grand Maurian
 Kyra vom Schweizerblick    Valdes du Domaine du Clos Guerin
   Slicka v.d. Widenau  Persam v.d. Widenau
     Rejane du Grand Maurian

At "von der Happy Horse Farm" Brigitte Strasser Oberösterreich, on June 3rd,2000 Samba Star Crna Perla (HD-A , CACA CACIB, BOB) was covered by Boy George von der Happy Horse Farm (HD-B, BGH1)
There were 7 Puppies born at Thursday, August 3rd, 2000 (2 boys and 5 girls) named: Farouk, Fiasko - Fiona, Finesse, Fortuna, Flamme, Finale.

   Eso Robito  Farouk des Esperons Noirs
 Boy George von der Happy Horse Farm    Deesse de la Bergerie Chauliac
  Coco vom Sillufer  Wido vom Sillufer
     Ondia vom Sillufer

   Haxo du Murier de Sordeille  Ulkan du Ru d'Oly
 Samba-Star Crna Perla    Acanthe du Moulin de Soulage
   Annabell von der Bannenweide  Vasco de Patural
     Banja de Patural


Sept 23rd/24th (sorry - link in german) Working Championship and Club-Winner-Show 2000
Sept 23rd - Working Championship/performance judge: Walter Wolf (A)
Sept 24th - Beauty contest (with CACA)/judge: Ursula Zelenka (D)

Oct. 7/8th - Federal-Winner Exhibition, Tulln
Information and presentation at "Information-Exhibition"
by ÖKV "which dog fits me"

Oct. 29th - National Dogs-Exhibition Stockerau