CLUBNEWS, July/August 2003

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Eysha von der Happy Horse Farm

Father: Haxo du Murier de Sordeille,
Mother: Bessy Moravia Ondeo,

Litter-Date: 9th September 1999, Owner: Jürgen Lehner (Austria), Breeder: Brigitte Strasser (Austria).

EyshaHD zero, BGH 1+2,Austrian Youth Champion, Austrian Champion

Eysha is my first dog and she gives great plaesure to me with her lively and attentive caracter.

Togehter we took part in 22 exhibitions-the judges were cnvinces of her beauty-so we reached the Austrian Youth Champion and the Austrian Champion.

Over the years I got the idea to have one breed with Eysha-and rather quick a kennel name was found-"Beaucern's of Wonderful Magic" Just now we are waiting for the first puppies- Eysha is gravis (54th day)-after a week in Bratislava and a long time to know Caesar Eso Best. Although being big with young, Eysha has a lot of temperament. We hope she will have many healthy puppies - which all will give a lot of joy to their further owners as Eysha to me!


At the kennel "von der Happy Horse Farm" breeder Ms. Brigitte Strasser, Bessy Moravia Ondeo (black/tan HD-A, Agility A1) was covered by Merlin du Roc de Melusine (black/tan HD-A, Agility A3) on the 22th/23th October.


At the kennel "of Wonderful Magic" breeder Mr. Jürgen Lehner, Eysha von der Happy Horse Farm (black/tan HD-A, austrian youth champion, austrian champion, BGH 2) was covered by Merlin du Roc de Melusine (black/tan HD-B Champion of Slovakia) on the 3th/4th July and has a brood of 8 puppies: 5 male: Atreju, Avalon, Axo, Arrigo, Aramis and, 3 females: Austria, Akuma, Atlanta on the 2nd September 2003.
Camillo del Horla
Baso von der Schutzmühle
Caesar Eso-Best
Arabella Manuela
Arla-Grey Arnak
Eros du lys d'Ophelie
Nike van de Debbershoeve
Ulkan du Ru d'Oly
Haxo du Murier de Sordeille
Acanthe du Moulin de Soulage
Eysha von der Happy Horse Farm
Gedeon Manuela
Bessy Moravia Ondeo
Desiree Robito


8. und 9. November international dog show Tulln, information about Beauceron
9. November Bundessieger Tulln, Sonderausstellung
Judge Dipl.Ing. Johannes Schibl (Austria)
final inscription 8th September / 8th. October