CLUBNEWS, September 2001

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Aamos Slyan
Father: Haxo du Murier de Sordeille,
Mother: Panasukan Lulah,

Litter-date: 29th May 2000
Owner: Marianne Weingärtner (Austria), Breeder: Pia Oilinki (Finland)

Hello, I am Aamos

I am from Finnland, but I am also a little bit Austrian, becuase of my father, named Haxo.

I am in Gmunden since the 9th of august 2000, in Upper-Austria.

They said I have a lot of passion and many good talents.

I like to go for long walks, I like to work too but most of all I like playing.

I have passed an exam, but we don't talk about the result. Next time I will improve.

Bye., Aamos

Family Weingärtner


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At our young-breeder, Doris Grabner (Lower Austria), kennel "vom Grünen Veltliner", Malka de Patural (HD-A) was covered by Cambo du Chasseur de Sangliers (HD-A, police dog), on the 17th and 18th april 2001.
The puppies was born at 17th june: 3 males, 6 females.
Vick du Plessis Saint Loup
Dragon des Hautes Ruelles Brett des Hautes Ruelles
Cambo du Chasseur de Sangliers Vico de Mavourneen
Francaise de Patural Agathe IV de Montglane
Douglas de la Vieille Bergerie
Jaguar de la Vieille Bergerie H' Isba de Bellemour
Malka de Patural Forene de Bellemour
Jalna Haltesse

At the kennel "vom Weingraben", breeder Mrs. Monika Horschitz, Kyra vom Schweizerblick (HD-B, SchH 1) was covered by Onyx von der Widenau (HD-B, 28 times SchH 3, with 11 first places), on the 26th june.

The puppies was born at 26th August: 2 males, 1 female.
Defi du Ru d'Oly Aube du Ru d'Oly
Onyx v.d. Widenau Ulkan du Ru d'Oly
Helia v.d. Widenau Vania v.d. Widenau
Saphir du Grand Maurian
Djak de Chalmour Valdes du Domaine du Clos Guerin
Kyra vom Schweizerblick Persam v.d. Widenau
Slicka v.d. Widenau Rejane du Grand Maurian


22. September until 23. September Working Championship and Club-Winner-Show 2001 of Austrian club for Beauceron in Oberaichwald near Faakersee, Feriensiedlung Bauerndorf Schönleiten, Kärnten
22. September Arbeitsschampionat, Judge: Friedrich Weissensteiner
23. September Schönheitsschampionat (CACA), Judge: Paola Bortolotto Zambelli (Italy)
last desk: 24th August

30. September Bundessiegerausstellung Tulln
last desk: 3th August, 31th August

2. December International dog-show Wels, Sonderausstellung und (am 1. und 2. Dezember) Informationsstand über unsere Rasse
last desk: 5th October, 2nd November