A Beauceron is presented

Peggi vom Schweizerblick

Father: M'Indio du clos de la Cecileraie,
Mother: Zita von der Widenau,

Litter-Date: 15th January 2001, Owner: Martin Lappi (Austria), Breeder: Otmar Helbok (Austria).

How we found our Peggy.

Eleven years ago we began to interest in dogs. My cousin told Us about a dog-show in Graz. First we were fascinated by Dobermanns, but we were told that this dog is not the ideal family-dog, especially for little children-our son was three years old. Disappointed we walked around and then we saw a Beauceron. We liked its appearance and its character, so we wanted to look for a puppy as soon as possible.

But at this time we were planning to build our house, therefore no dog.

After some years, in 2002 we visited the dog show in Graz again. Our first way lead to the information stand of Beauceron. I asked Mr. Kohlweiß for a breeder list. Now our house was finished, my wife was doing a part-time job-now time was right for a puppy. Although my Wife couldn't work up any enthusiasm for this idea, I phoned all breeders, one was expecting puppies, but I was out of luck, all puppies had been taken.

I was very disappointed, but I remembered Mr. Helbok told me to call again in autumn. But I didn't want to wait, so I phoned him immediately.

Mr.Helbok was stopping to breed and he had a one and a half year old female Beauceron to let. Being not sure about an adult dog we contacted Mrs. Kohlweiß to ask for her opinion. She calmed us down and proposed to have a look at the dog.

In September we met Mr. Helbok and he showed us Peggy. Friendly she ran up to us and we were given a rapturous welcome. There were no more doubts, we loved her at once and took her home.

The first three weeks Peggy was very quiet and reserved, after some time she placed confidence in us and became very lively and playfull. Immediately she was the centre of our family and a real "cuddle dog". To manage her powerful temperament I decided to take part in a dog training course. Peggy passed the exam BGH 1 with very good (92 points) The last 10 months There was always a lot of action and surprise. we hope to have many years full of nice experience with Peggy. Thank's to Mr. and Mrs. Helbok for this sweet and lovely dog.