A Beauceron is presented

Arthos le Bijou noir de la Montagne

Father: Merlin de la Loutre Noir,
Mother: Pitou de la Plaine du Tilleul,

Litter-Date: 11th March 1999, Owner: Alexandra Gronow (Germany), Breeder: Karin Kliem (Germany).

Great! US-medal is awarded to bavarian dog!

Arthos of Inning rescued a girl and is celebrated as a hero in the USA.A bavarian dog dains world-wide fame, so the head- lines of the evening papers in München. The owner of the dog smiles, because he knows his dog and his "little" weak points. But Arthos, member of the Oberland rescue-team is honered as the bravest dog of the world in Washington, you could read. "Paws to Know" - is the price the government of Washington and the " Human Society of the United States" with financial support of Pedigree and Walmart for "Service Dogs".

Seven animals all over the world were honored with a medal and inscribed their paws on the dogs "Walk of Fame"- a crazy action, and not so easy for the dogs to sit still for hours in the lime light. Arthos and I, we fought through the marathon of media-circus and were astonished to see us later on CNN, ZDF, N24, USA-Today and Washington Post.

Since three years my dogs and I, we are training at the BRH-team Oberland. Both dogs, Pancho, my six year old mix (reached the seventh place at the rescue-dog-world-championship 2003 in Danmark) and Arthos have the exams for area- and rubble searching and the internationals rescue -dogs exams.

Last year in april , Arthos saved a twelve year old girl, who had left her home in fear of bad notes. After more than two hours of searching in the middle of the night, the rescue -team wanted to give up, when Arthos found the girl. she was lying totally exhausted in a forest near Feldmochimg. Arthos lay down beside her, our dogs are trained to be very carefull. Imidiatly

The girl had confidence in Arthos and crawled him, the dog helped us to come up to the girl, who was now saved with undercooling.

For this effort Arthos and our team were honored in Washington..