CLUBNEWS, November 2001

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

CH-Moogly du Relais des Ecuries
Father: CHCS-Jappeloup du Relais des Ecuries,
Mother: Leslie des Assiers,

Litter-date: 1st December 1996
Owner: Anett Hohenleitner (Germany), Breeder: Jean-Pierre Vuitteney (France)

Moogly "gentle giant"

Actually it should only be a short trip to Paris, to get in real contact with Beaucerons. Till this moment we knew nothing about these dogs, but it was the beginning of a great love. As Moogly was clumsy coming up to us with his big paws, sitting beside us and showing no intention to leave us, we knew : we belong together! But Moogly was not for sale. His breeders, meanwhile we are very good friends (international understanding à la Beauceron ) wanted him as a brood male dog for their own breed. After two days of hard negotiations we were able to take him home. The most impressing of this typical, strong and friendly dog is his sensibility. He is consious of all feelings of his family. Often he looks like a sleeping observer, but although he seems to be very sociable he might be really resourceful and full of spirits. To reach his goal, he develops a lot of cleverness and persistence. He likes to work but always with a bit of stubborness. Moogly shows all his charming character by flirting with female dogs or asking for cookies. Then he is not only breaking "four leg hearts". Seen in this way he is not only a "gentle giant" but also a "giant gentleman ".


At the kennel "von der Satzberquelle", breeder Mr. Rolf Kliem, Lunette de la Plaine du Tilleul (HD-A, BH) was covered by Eso Robito (HD-B, BGH2), on the 30th October.


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