CLUBNEWS, November 2002

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Elektra von der Happy Horse Farm

Father: Haxo du Murier de Sordeille,
Mother: Bessie Moravia Ondeo,

Litter-Date: 3rd April 1996, Owner: Karl Villiger (Switzerland), Breeder: Brigitte Strasser (Austria).



No news to time.


At the kennel "of Jennifer's Bonfire", breeder Ms. Jennifer Hofreiter, Belize vom Weingraben (HD-A) was covered by Basco von der Happy Horse Farm (HD-A), on the 28th July and has a brood of 6 puppies: 1 male black/tan and 5 females harlekin on the 29th September 2002.
Eso Robito
Farouk des Esperons Noir
Basco von der Happy Horse Farm
Desse de la Bergerie de Chauliac
Coco vom Sillufer
Wido vom Sillufer
Ondia vom Sillufer
Djak de Chalmour
Quibus von der Widenau
Gina von der Widenau
Belize vom Weingraben
Djak de Chalmour
Kira vom Schweizerblick
Slicka von der Widenau


8th December: international dog show in Wels.
final inscription 11th october / 8th november