A Beauceron is presented

Camilla von der Happy Horse Farm

Father: Haxo du Murier de Sordeille,
Mother: Carolline Balidaj,

Litter-Date: 4th February 1997, Owner: Leopold Ornetzeder (Austria), Breeder: Brigitte Strasser (Austria).

We are a big family, Leopold and Helga, the children Alexander, Raphael and Jessica, Camilla and the Rottweiler Nero. Camilla is six and a half years old.

She is a very lively dog and she needs lot of training and distraction. Camilla likes to work and we both like dog-training.

Our results of exams and tournaments: 3x BGH1,27x BGH 2,with very good results and some victories. In October 2000 we passed the GH 1(185,5 points, very good) Since may 2002 we trained for the Gh 2 and we passed the exam in June with 162 points (good).

Our next aim was the GH 3. This exam was in November 2002, we reached 212 points (good)

At the Upper Austrian Championship we were not so successful. But at the Children's Cancer Help Tournament we reached the third place with 227 points.

The next Gh3 exam we passed in Ried at the ÖCB Working Championship with 235 points, a very good and the title: Club-Working-Champion

In October we started in Ulrichsberg and reached 249 points (very good)