CLUBNEWS, December 2001

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

FlammeFlamme von der Happy Horse Farm
Father: Boy George von der Happy Horse Farm,
Mother: Samba Star Crna Perla,

Litter-date: 3rd August 2000
Owner: Ladislaus Lindner (Salzburg), Breeder: Brigitte Strasser (Oberösterreich)

Hallo, my name is Bijou ("Flamme von der Happy Horse Farm ")

I would like to tell about our Beauceron life. There is so much to write that I don't know where to start. We two Aiko and I, we are good funs. As I am too young my owner writes about Aiko's Life:

AikoAs Aiko came to us, we didn't know anything about Beaucerons. But he looked so funny with his black and grey spots, his floppy ears and his trusting eyes, that we loved him immediately. Aiko was born on the 5TH June 1999 in Laufen (Germany) His parents live still there, his father is Saphir von der Widenau (R/B), his mother Arielle De la Domaine de puits (harlequin). Although Aiko has no papers he has the real character of Beaucerons.
He likes to run as far as he can and the other dogs are not able to follow him, therefore we decided to find a female Beauceron for him. Mrs.Strasser was a very good adviser and she expected her next litter in august; and the 3rd of august 2000 "Flamme" was born.

- And here I am, small, cheeky and always ready for a prank, but my owners like me as I am. Now I have a big brother and just as much fun as with the tiny ones. The best of all is our big playing box-once thrown over, everything is on the floor and I have only to sit in the middle to reach all things with my paws.

Going for a walk is lot of fun for us- we have nearby a great meadow for running, a small forest to hide and a Small river to take a bath.
FlammeBut childhood is over and now my owner starts my training and tries to educate me: "sit", "stay", "sit down" all these things I have seen Aiko doing. For me it is not really necessary, but my owners think I have to be educated.
I am not very happy, but otherwise I know how to get sweatting our human beeings. Playing is more fun - or not ?
We also like all people. Aiko is a bit too confiding- he thinks the best of people, I am friendly, but I don't like to be stroked by everyone.
But most of all Aiko and I like horses, we drive them to the paddock and later back to the stable. At the beginning I was afraid of the "giants", but Aiko showed me how to do and I learned very quick and now we are a perfect team.

I hope you enjoyed our history and perhaps you are now interested in Beauceron and we meet at the next dog show.

See you !

Aiko and Bijou


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