CLUBNEWS, December 2002

A Beauceron is presented




A Beauceron is presented

Chaya blue le Bijou noir de la Montagne

Father: Basco von der Happy Horse Farm,
Mother: Pitou de la Plaine du Tilleul,

Litter-Date: 19th Mai 2001, Owner: Andrea Reuter (Germany), Breeder: Karin Kliem (Germany).

Training dogs and doing dog sport for many years I was looking for a very exceptional dog: original, robust, very lively, but also well balanced, philantropic and kind to other animals. A dog with a strongly developed sense of protective work and remarkable look-therefore a Beauceron.

My next dog should be a harlequin male out of a performance oriented breed.

In summer 2001,during holidays, ideal time for a puppy. But all over Germany and nearby there was only one harlequin Beauceron, and much to my regret only a female. Although a convinced owner of male dogs, I knew this female dog with her good character and beautiness was the right dog for me. So after two males I took a female and it was pure luck, Chaya and I we are a wonderful team.

Chaya with her French joie de vivre and her Austrian charm twists the whole family round their fingers and shows high entertainment value. With her tricks, grimaces and strange fondness -she hoards squeaking animals, pillows, used socks and nice smelling sheets of the tumble drier-she makes us incessantly laughing. Many strange people are attracted by her friendly character and her funny harlequin spots.

But behind the cuddle and smuggle dog, there is a very demanding dog-exuberant temperament, strong motor activity and mighty eagerness to work. Training is Chaya's passion-at hone, during walk and at the training court. Her great will to work and her fast intellectual grasp together with play - and food motivation leed to quick success. To put her under pressure is not necessary and doesn't help.

Chaya was successful at several obidience exams, she won the ÖCB working championship(BGH 1) in September 2002. In October and November two German BGH-exams also one first place, and as our youngster is such a beautiful girl she got an excellent at the ÖCB show in September and won the youth class.

Next spring Chaya and I have many sporting aims, first the German VPG 1 exam.

Those who are interested in Chaya's development are invited to visit our homepage

Andrea Reuter, D-Karlsruhe


No news to time.


At the kennel "of Jennifer's Bonfire", breeder Ms. Jennifer Hofreiter, Belize vom Weingraben (HD-A) was covered by Basco von der Happy Horse Farm (HD-A), on the 28th July and has a brood of 6 puppies: 1 male black/tan and 5 females harlekin on the 29th September 2002.
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Basco von der Happy Horse Farm
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1st / 2nd March international dog show Graz, information bureau
final inscription 10th January / 3rd February

5th April annual meeting in Wieselburg

6th April international dog show Wieselburg - special show,
Judge Erwin Deutscher

1st - 4th Mai working meeting in Berndorf

29th Mai - 1st. Juni working meeting in Berndorf

19th - 22th Juni working meeting in Berndorf